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2015 Highlights

2015 has been our best year yet for gigs, not only with some great UK dates such as WOMAD and Sidmouth but also a string of international outings, some highlights of which were:
Tonder, Denmark
Sunfest, Ontario
Caixa Forum, Madrid
Boulogne 2
Chateau Hardelot, France
WOMAD, Fuerteventura
Dranouter, Belgium
Thanks so much to our team and to all the promoters who made it such a great year.

New Album Out April 13th


The new Spiro album Welcome Joy and Welcome Sorrow will be released on Real World Records on Monday 13 April.

Recorded at Real World Studios, Jane Harbour (violin/viola), Jon Hunt (acoustic guitar/cello), Alex Vann (mandolin) and Jason Sparkes (piano accordion/piano) continue to break through the boundaries of their instruments to deliver a collection of fourteen exhilarating instrumental tracks, all imbued with a powerful emotional intensity.

Welcome Joy and Welcome Sorrow is an album about being alive and the extremes of human experience. The title is taken from a Keats’ poem of the same name with a line from the poem “Dancing music, music sad, both together, sane and mad” being pretty much a musical mission statement for the band.

“Music taps into something fundamental to us all” says Jane, “and instrumental music is particularly rewarding and meaningful as you don’t know why you’re feeling emotional. You’ve reached a place beyond words, the most amazing place that we all share. We go through life trying to connect with other people and the universe, and music is a powerful, fundamentally honest way of doing this. With instrumental music this connection is not muddled by words.”

It’s why Spiro are an instrumental band. Yet words are important – not only do the titles of each track inform the way the band perform it, they suggest a way into Spiro’s sound world whilst offering intensely personal listening experiences.

Listen to I Am the Blaze on Every Hill

“Welcome Joy and Welcome Sorrow” is available via:
Real World / iTunes /Amazon

Copper Family Centenary Celebration


We’re very honoured to be taking part in the centenary celebration of Bob Copper’s life and work at Cecil Sharp House in London on 24th January. The event is already sold out, but those lucky enough to have secured tickets will see a fabulous array of performers from the world of English folk music. We will be performing a specially composed instrumental suite based on tunes from the Copper Family repertoire.

Pole Star shines again

Pre-order Polestar

We’re pleased to report that our lovely label Real World are re-releasing the first Spiro album Pole Star on 8th September.  The album was recorded back in the winter of 1996-7 in the former BBC Studios Christchurch in Bristol by Portishead engineer Rik Dowding.  True to the Spiro tradition it was recorded live in the studio with no overdubs, and on lovely analogue gear and onto tape. You can hear a track here   and pre-order a copy here In celebration of the re-release we’ll be playing tracks from Pole Star on our Autumn dates. There might also be a sneak preview of a couple of tracks from the new album we’re currently writing, out in Spring 2015.

Spiro with Vocals!


We’ll be appearing with a singer for the first time ever at the QEH this Friday. It’s Mojmir Novakovic of Croatian alternative rock band Kries, as part of the Bridges Festival to celebrate 35 years of fRoots magazine. Also appearing:

– Eliza Carthy meets Greek lafta player and singer Martha Mavroidi.

– Welsh harpist Catrin Finch duets with Senegalese kora master Seckou Keita.

– Songwriter Chris Wood heads somewhere imaginative with veteran multi-instrumentalist Ben Mandelson.

– Fast-rising singer Olivia Chaney teams up with pedal steel maestro BJ Cole

– BBC Folk Awards-nominated English singer Lisa Knapp and her producer partner Gerry Diver collaborate with Chis Morphitis and Katina Kangaris from London-based Greek-Cypriot band Mavrika.